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Storytellers share winter’s tales

Cardiff Storytelling Circle tell traditional tales
of winter and magic

Tales for the Turning Year will distract from the gloom of the Welsh weather (photo: MB)

For anyone dreading the return of winter’s cold grasp, a new storytelling showcase at Chapter Arts Centre might transform that sense of reluctance into wonder.

Hosted by the Cardiff Storytelling Circle, Tales for the Turning Year takes place on 6 November and features a variety of traditional and original tales on the theme of winter and a celebration of what it means as a season.

Professional storyteller and Circle member, Cath Little, explained that the showcase focuses on thinking about the dark and the coming of winter, as well as remembering ancestors who celebrated this time of year.

People are brought together as they conjure their own mental images of the story’s events. As Cath says, “It’s quite magical listening to someone tell stories.”

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