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Cafe teaches healthy eating

A Cathays café educates the younger generation about healthy eating habits

The cafe is for adults with children that are looking for a healthy and friendly alternative (Pictures property of Cafe Junior)

Cafe Junior has launched classes to teach children on vital healthy eating practices and is now planning to extend the syllabus to schools and nurseries.

The children’s cafe has set up classes, based on role play to teach children about healthy eating, which are now being advertised to nurseries and schools at the foundation learning stage.

The classes are an hour long and are based on games which include supermarket role plays, deciding what foods in front of them are unhealthy, or making their own smoothies. It is very much learning through imaginative and creative play, explains owner Zoe.

“We firmly believe in healthy eating practices and this is taking education one step further. Looking at ways towards healthy eating is a great thing to have as a class,” says Zoe.

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