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Christmas ice cream takes city by storm

An inventive ice cream company is embracing the loss of summer’s sunshine to dazzle Cardiff customers with a new range of chilly Christmas treats.   

fablas week 9 JG 480

Fablas Ice Cream produce their tasty products from their mixed Holstein Freisian and Jersey herd.

Fablas Ice Cream, Penllyn Estate, has created a variety of scrumptious seasonal flavours, with names including Christmas Cake, Christmas Pudding and Santa’s Grotto.  

The adventurous owners have dismissed winter as a snow-go area and are taking their new products to some of the country’s finest agricultural events, including the the Royal Welsh Winter Fair and the Cowbridge Reindeer Parade.

Founder Rhian Rees said, “We would love people to come along and taste our unique, artisan ice creams.

“December means we work hard on advertising but people love the Fablas branding. Our name sounds like the Valley pronunciation of ‘fabulous’, making Welsh speakers smile wherever we go.”


At this year’s Cowbridge Reindeer Parade there will be a farmers’ market, which is where Fablas Ice Cream will display their products. Take a look at the exciting food stalls that have previously visited Cowbridge during the winter of 2012. 

The Royal Welsh Winter Fair is an important event on the country’s calendar.




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