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Meaty menu courts controversy

Deri Reed, also known as The Ethical Chef, in the kitchen of his new restaurant

Deri Reed, perhaps better known as The Ethical Chef, opened a new restaurant last week, but his decision to serve meat has attracted controversy.

The restaurant, originally called The Green Kitchen, was initially intended to be a separate enterprise from The Ethical Chef, which specialises in vegetarian food.

However, Deri decided to merge the companies. He explained, “I didn’t want to complicate things by having to set up a completely new business.” The restaurant was rebranded The Ethical Chef Kitchen, though it continued to serve meat.

 On Saturday, however, he issued an apology, in which he again separated the companies, saying, “I made a huge mistake by making the decision to serve meat in my new kitchen. EthicalChef will remain a vegetarian and vegan business forever.” 

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