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You can leave your hat on

The Full Monty stage show based on the film is touring the UK see it before it’s gone.

Walking through the doors of the Wales Millennium Centre, you could tell something was in the air, the atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation for the Full Monty.

The plot of this play is simple. It follows six unemployed men in Sheffield and their plight to make money. You first meet two of the characters, Gaz and Dave when they are robbing the old steel mills to sell the leftover steel. They are interrupted by Gaz’s ex-wife asking for child support payments unless he pays, he will be stopped from seeing his son. This sets up the rest of the play.

Gaz and Dave alongside four other unemployed men create a male striptease act, based around the Chippendale’s. However, to set themselves apart Gaz states that they will go the whole way, the Full Monty – the climax of the show.


In my opinion, the show was good, but there were two fundamental flaws. The pacing of the show was erratic; this made the show feel like it didn’t flow. Many minor scenes dragged while funny ones, such as the iconic hot stuff dance, were over in a heartbeat.

The quality of the acting was variable at best. The accents were not up to scratch; each actor had a point in the shows where their accents changed halfway through dialogue. I found this made it harder to follow the conversation making it harder to believe that you are fully emerged and captivated by the show.


The saving of the show was the soundtrack interspersed with one-liners. My favourite line was ” you’ve got knockers we’re after knobs.” This was said to a female stripper when Gaz and Dave were interviewing people to join their act.

If the full monty sounds like your kind of show, then go to their website to find your nearest show and buy tickets.

Rating: four stars

Photo credits: Otterbein University Theatre & Dance