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Brawlers clash with old rivals

Tiger Bay Brawlers vs Leeds Roller Dolls

The Brawlers play in tigerish black and orange uniforms (Photos by Jason Ruffell)

Tiger Bay Brawlers are preparing for a weekend of fierce roller derby fixtures against two of Europe’s toughest teams.

On Saturday 7 December, the Brawlers face Helsinki Roller Derby, who they narrowly beat at a tournament in Belgium last May. Sunday 8 December will witness a rematch against Brawl Saints, a London side who hope to reclaim glory after the Cardiff girls became the first team to defeat them back in February.

Friendly competition

Roller derby might be brutal, but friendly competition is key to the Brawlers’ game

Allie “Brock’n Roller” Brock skates for the Brawlers, and is psyching herself up for what’s sure to be a fun but ferocious weekend.

“The games against Helsinki and Brawl Saints are both going to be challenging,” she acknowledges. “But these challenges are what drive us, and that’s what has made us so successful in 2013.”

Here’s what happened the last time Tiger Bay Brawlers took on London’s Brawl Saints:


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