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Burlesque for beginners

Fancy doing a shoulder shimmy rather than a shoulder press? Burlesque may be for you

If you think burlesque only happens in smoky Paris nightclubs then think again. Thanks to community dance group Burlesque Cardiff, burlesque has been brought to Canton. The group, led by choreographer and performer Foo Foo Labelle, is bringing burlesque to a wider audience and encouraging women of all ages to join in.

First timer Karen Hinton said, “I found it liberating and fun, it’s something different to the gym, I would recommend it to anyone”.

Rehearsals for the next show, Frankenstein’s Factory, are taking place in Conway Road Methodist Church Saturday 11am to 1.30pm and Sunday 12 noon to 2.30pm. If you want to see what burlesque is all about before joining in, the show takes place on October 29 in The Factory, Porth.


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