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Chemistry event at National Museum

The National Museum is holding a day of chemistry events to help encourage a greater enjoyment of science

The National Cardiff Museum where the event is being held

The National Museum Cardiff is hosting a chemistry themed event alongside the Royal Society of Chemistry and Cardiff University on Saturday 24th November in celebration of National Chemistry Week.

The event, entitled “Hands on Chemistry”, will include an array of interactive workshops and activities. Visitors will be able to watch chemistry come to life in 3D videos, get hands-on with colourful chromatography, and use their smartphones as part of scientific experiments.

There will also be a pedal-bike visitors can ride on, which will split water into hydrogen fuel.

“These events are important to help generate public interest in science, and to demonstrate how important it is in everyday life,” said Dr Emma Richards, who has helped organise the event.

She continued to say, “Breaking down these barriers is an important step to increase understanding of the impact that high-level research can have in developing new technologies across the full range of chemical sciences including medicinal and biological, industrial catalysis, and materials science.”

The “Hands on Chemistry” event will be a welcome addition to the museum, who already have a large natural sciences section, including this whale skeleton

National Chemistry Week runs every year, and is aimed at changing public perceptions of chemistry after the Royal Society of Chemistry published a report in 2015 which found 25% of adults have a negative view of Chemistry as a result of school.

As part of National Chemistry Week, The School of Chemistry at Cardiff University is also delivering a series of curriculum enhancing activities in secondary schools across Wales, encouraging teenagers to consider the career options available to them through studying chemistry.

“Hands on Chemistry” is aimed at people of all ages to encourage a greater enjoyment of Chemistry in a fun and relaxed environment.

There will also be mineral display and a dark room tent to display how minerals appear different colours in different lights.

Experiment with something new, test your skills and get involved with this unique science-based event for all the family.