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Discover a new Cardiff with Urbex

Wenvoe Tunnel, ©Lee McGrath

Wenvoe Tunnel, ©Lee McGrath

Think guided tours are the only way of getting to know Cardiff? Think again.

Urban Exploration, or “urbex”, presents an entirely new way of getting to know Cardiff. It focuses on ruins and abandoned places, what some might call forgotten areas, and provides a chance to explore some of the history. Urbex can range from visiting abandoned buildings, to tracing Cardiff’s original town wall.

Urbex is also popular among photographers, who document the places they visit. Lee McGrath, urban explorer, says his favourite place in Cardiff is Wenvoe Tunnel because “most people to this day do not know it is there … in WWII the Royal Train would spend the night in the tunnel while passing through Wales.”

What could you find? It’s all there, somewhere.

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