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Fastest man in the northpole

So this is Christmas. Mistletoe, Christmas trees, Santa sprinting…Yes that’s right Santa sprinting.

In the first of the 3 Grand Prix held by Cardiff Metropolitan University, The Christmas Classic, open to all U20 and senior athletes around the UK and Europe, showcases some of the best non-elite athletic talent in South Wales whilst raising money for a Cardiff based charity fund.


Welsh sprinter Christian Malcolm told us, “It’s a brilliant day out. I often would take time off a busy week of training just so I could experience the atmosphere and fun they have down there”.

But the showcase of Welsh athletics isn’t even the best part. At the end of the day there is a sponsored santa run where all the proceeds go to Go Felix.

Matt Elias head of sprinting explained, “It’s a great cause. Seeing people try and run flat out in A Santa Claus suit is pure comedy.”

Here is the world record set in 2012