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Food group urges sustainable foraging

In the face of the increasingly prevalent issue of commercial foraging, one company is promoting the importance of sustainability.

Gathered here today: A congregation of foragers look for food in Bute Park

Gathered here today: A congregation of foragers look for food in Bute Park

Wild Food UK‘s courses, which help people identify the edible plants and fungi in their local area, stress the importance of taking only what you need.

Recent over-foraging in Epping Forest has seen pickers there hit with heavy fines but Wild Food founders, Marlow Renton and Eric Biggane, believe that the wrong people are being targeted.

Renton says, “It’s pointless picking 20kg of mushrooms if you’ve not got anyone to sell them to. Where’s the money being made out of this crime? It’s by the suppliers and the restaurants, so tax them.”

Looking for some sustainable foraging? Book a course with Wild Food.

Listen to Wild Food UK’s Marlow Renton thoughts on the issue of commercial foraging

Video reproduced with the permission of Wild Food UK. Photos and audio by Tom Carter.

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