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Get Live ‘n’ Deadly in St Fagans

If you fancy heading outside and getting your thinking cap on, then St Fagans may be the place for you

Who dunnit?

St Fagans is Wales’ national open-air history museum, running events all year, such as the upcoming Live ‘n’ Deadly Scene Investigation.

Billed as a nature whodunnit, Exploring Nature Facilitator Hywel Couch explains, “The event uses the grounds of St Fagans museum as a crime scene, where a ‘nature crime’ has taken place. There are a number of clues placed throughout the museum grounds to help the participants discover what animal is the guilty party!”

 The activity is open to all; Hywel adds, “Many of the visitors to St Fagans museum are repeat visitors, so this event gives them something new to try at the museum”.

 If you’re a St Fagans novice or a regular, pop along on November 5 to get involved.

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