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LARPing captures Cardiff’s imagination

Live Action Role Playing, an activity that few have heard of, continues to grow in popularity across South Wales.

Live Action Role Playing, or LARPing, is essentially a live version of Dungeons and Dragons, the popular paper-based role-playing game. Players assume a character that they navigate through trials and tribulations in a fantasy world, completing quests and slaying monsters.

Dudes fighting

LARPers engage in battle

Steve Drury aka King Caladdhor has been LARPing for 14 years, when asked why others should get involved in the activity he replied, “It’s a very sociable hobby in a modern world of instant messaging and games consoles. It’s physically, mentally and emotionally challenging.”

Candleston Campsite, in Bridgend, has become the battleground of Welsh LARP where its large woodlands are taken over regularly by hordes of LARPers. 

Candlestone Campsite's historic backdrop