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Photography courses at Ffotogallery

Ffotogallery is presenting brand new photography courses to kick off the new year with their 40th Birthday

The national agency for photography in Wales, Ffotogallery, are calling out lovers of photography to their new year’s courses.

In spring 2018, Ffotogallery is conducting a different range of photography courses for both beginner and advanced photographers.

There is the introductory course to photography, set for ten weekly meetings. It is mainly aimed at beginners with the ability to produce a good photograph, but in need of better results by learning the manual functions of a camera.

As for advanced photographers, Ffotogallery provides a course of digital photography to expand photographer’s visual potential through softwares.

But, If you were a general photograph enthusiast, then a set of lectures discussing the language of photography with workshops and exhibitions exploring in-depth photography is the course for you.

Lisa Edgar, head of education in Ffotogallery says, “Each term, at Chapter Arts, we run a bunch of courses. It is like an open university, they are credited by Cardiff Metropolitan and are more technical in terms of building up your degree credits.” But, Lisa stressed that anybody can come in and participate, “we do as much as we can to make it accessible to anyone, we run courses with learning difficulties as well, and we do offer free places.”

Ffotogallery is considered as a support system to photographers in Wales. It portraits developments in photography and records of culture since its establishment in 1978.

As the new year nears, Ffotogallery will soon be celebrating its 40th Birthday in January 2018. Their 40:40 Vision is a year long celebration of events, projects and exhibitions. “We wanted to celebrate our 40th anniversary with 40 events. Not all of these events are made public, some of them are surprises due to be announced one by one over the period,” said Lisa.


For more information, go on www.ffotogallery.org 

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