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Welsh Diving offers diving lessons to those wishing to explore the seas

three people diving in deep end of swimming pool

A dive training school wishes to make more people passionate about diving and the aquatic environment through Try Dives

A common fear among new divers is face mask removal. This is overcome by doing a partial mask flood at the shallow end of the pool, followed by a full mask flood and a mask removal in the deep end | Photo credits: Welsh Diving

Those who have been wondering what it takes to become a scuba diver and what it feels, will have the chance of experiencing it first-hand thanks to Welsh Diving, which will be offering lessons on 14 November.

Try Dive, a teaser session, will take place at Fitzalan High School’s swimming pool, Cardiff, from 7pm at £6. Welsh Diving will be holding the lessons in a confined body of water where participants will be able to try on diving equipment, provided by Welsh Diving, and understand how underwater buoyancy works.

Welsh Diving said, learning how to dive is important as it provides the opportunity to explore the underwater world, which comprises two-thirds of our planet. 

It continued: “There is huge diversity within the marine environment and many challenges facing the world’s marine life, global warming and pollution being amongst them.”

Scuba diving beginners have several concerns when starting out such as cleaning their masks and breathing underwater. 

Welsh Diving said they help people overcome the fear of breathing underwater by getting them to kneel at the shallow end of the pool until they feel comfortable with it.

Subsequently, beginners will swim around the pool to build their confidence before taking the plunge and diving into the deep end

Welsh Diving aims to encourage participants to start their PADI Open Water course and train to become certified divers.

PADI is the world’s leading scuba diver training organisation, their certification is recognised anywhere in the world.

PADI is aware of the issues the climate crisis is bringing to the seas. It wants its divers to preserve the underwater world by educating them on protection philosophies and the importance of protecting fragile aquatic systems.

On its website it states: “The worldwide PADI organisation is committed to preserving the aquatic environment for future generations.”

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