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Yoga classes are hotting up around Cardiff

As winter rolls around, we’re already looking for new ways to stay warm. An increasing number of people are turning to Hot Yoga in order to get their fix, as purpose-built studios pop up around Cardiff.

Hot Yoga is the art of yoga in a room heated to nearly 40°C. The excess heat lets the body stretch further, sweat more and increases long-term stamina.

Students stretch off at Yogafever's Splott studio.

Students stretch off in a room heated to over 38°C.

“The heat helps the body relax and let go readily as we don’t need to hold ourselves tightly to keep warm” says Siwan Hughes, an instructor at Cardiff’s Seren Yoga. “I find the body more willing to yield and soften, but care must be taken to not push the body too far in postures, by over stretching.”