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Arts publication opens creative space

Arts publication Lumin Journal has opened its own library to provide local artists with a more alternative creative space for expression

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The creators of Lumin Journal, Sadia (left) and Beau (right), felt a need for more creative spaces for the arts when they first moved to Cardiff as undergraduates (photo credit: Three Doors Up Cardiff)

Lumin Journal has opened a brand new library in the city centre to be used as an alternative creative space for local artists.

The arts publication recently opened Lumin Library in Three Doors Up Cardiff as a way to provide local artists with a creative space to use for expression, meeting other artists, or to simply take out a book to read.

Sadia Pineda Hameed, co-creator and editor of Lumin, said: “We had always felt since moving to Cardiff that there was a lack of creative spaces. The city just needs more environments other than coffee shops and academic libraries to sit in, read, and meet other artists, just to use however they’d like.”

Lumin Journal initially started as an arts publication created by Sadia and her university coursemate Beau Beakhouse to offer a de-institutionalised form of expression for artists in Cardiff. Included in this were plans for publishing artworks, putting on creative events and eventually creating their own space for artists.

The online and print journal provides artists with a platform to create articles with their own creative and lucid expression. In addition, the print publication seeks to connect up the current, existing elements of Cardiff’s art scene by telling readers about venues and upcoming events they may not know about yet.

Sadia went onto say that she and Beau would love for the library to keep attracting anyone looking for an alternative space.

“All the books in there are actually donated by local artists,” continued Sadia, “and the space is available to use and take books out without due dates, or use for arts events and exhibitions.”

Ultimately, Lumin is hoping that the library becomes a spot for the city’s underground art scene to come together, and will offer an “alternative idea to what a space should be.”

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