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Book release: Patagonia travel memoir

Imogen Herrard’s journeys in Patagonia led her to discover the descendants of Welsh settlers and veiled indigenous people groups









Beyond the Pampas, an autobiographical account of a European’s journeys around Patagonia, is being released today by Seren.

Its German author, Imogen Herrard, spent a year in Aberystwyth where she became intrigued about the descendants of the Welsh settlers in Patagonia. She has since travelled there several times in the last ten years.

The book also charts her discovery of the indigenous peoples of the region who have suffered greatly under past Argentinian authorities and still face hardships today.

Mick Felton, manager of Seren, says: “It’s also a personal journey going on because Herrard had a difficult childhood with her parents and has been looking for a new family since then. Meeting the communities in Argentina helped her to put her own issues in perspective.” 

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