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Cardiff Character: Qasim Din

It would be easy to mistake Qasim Din as a customer rather than the owner of the Talk & Surf gaming centre, as he gets lost in the latest gaming gossip with the customers while ogling the projector screen showing the action packed visuals of various games.

Qasim wears the same uniform as his employees and instead of having his own office, prefers to sit in the back of the store amongst his staff and customers. He sits back, arms crossed and introduces himself as Kaz. He seems intent on appearing as the everyday man, but seconds into the conversation it’s obvious that there’s something special about him as passion and ambition shine through his nonchalant disguise.

Kaz excitedly shows off his collection of high-spec computers

Business in the blood

“I come from a family of business people. My father’s had a long-term business since I was born. I was born into the business generation. I always wanted to run my own business. That was hit into me at a very young age,” he says.

Kaz says that he studied business studies in university and information technology in college, both subjects that he enjoyed and influenced his decision to take-over an internet café.

“I was born into the business generation.”

He has since expanded the internet café into a gaming centre by revamping the whole store and installing 12 high-spec gaming computers. Yet Kaz has bigger ambitions after recently hiring an events and marketing manager to plan bigger and better events, such as tournaments where gamers can come to the store and compete with each other.

Kaz says, “Hopefully we’ll push it to the next level. I think we’re getting to a stage where we’d like to expand the store.”

Kaz confesses to having few hobbies outside of his work including martial arts and keeping fit. He prefers to devote his time to his business.

“I’m very much a workaholic,” Kaz says. “It’s just work, work, work to be honest.”

Gamer at heart

Despite being so busy with his business, Kaz still tries to find time for gaming as he confesses to coming to the gaming centre to play Battlefield 4 whenever he has any spare time.

“I still remember having an Atari and the Sega Mega Drive back in the house back when I was young,” says Kaz. “And trying to play Grand Theft Auto  on my older brother’s computer – struggling because he wouldn’t really let me sit on the computer most of the time.”

Kaz explains that he has been passionate about gaming throughout his life and discusses how he has seen video games become the catalyst of multiple new friendships inside his shop.

The atmosphere in the store only strengthens his claim, as it feels more like a community than a business. Kaz treats his customers as fellow gamers as they crack jokes with one another and excitedly discuss upcoming games.

Despite the smiles, Kaz is very serious when asked about his ultimate ambition. With misty eyes he replies, “To be the biggest gaming centre in the UK.”

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