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Darth Vader comes to Cardiff

Film & Comic Con Cardiff will return to Motorpoint Arena from 24 to 25 October. Building on their previous success, events company Showmasters promises to bring your favourite stars within arm’s reach.

Carl Weathers, Dave Prowse and Margot Kidder will be just some of the celebrities present for photo shoots, panels, autographs secessions alongside memorabilia-filled stalls.

“Compared to the bigger cons, the line-up is impressive for Cardiff,” said Anthony Macho from comic emporium Forbidden Planet. “The nice thing about Cardiff cons are that as they are smaller, you get a proper interaction.”

Although happy with the line-up, comic book enthusiast Abdul Arman expressed his disappointment at James Marsters and Colin Baker dropping out. However, he added, “as the con grows in popularity, I’m sure we’ll get to see big stars attend!”

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