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Sŵn aims for that euphoric feeling

This year’s condensing of Sŵn festival has caused dismay amongst some fans but as co-founder, John Rostron, explains, 2014’s incarnation is just a breather as organisers consider what the festival would look like if it were starting from scratch next year.


Don’t fret! Sŵn will continue to make plenty noise.

Don’t fret! Sŵn will continue to make plenty of noise.

Perturbed by economic narratives of growth, Rostron believes that Sŵn must recapture its innovative edge and wants the festival to focus on providing an unforgettable experience: “We’ll step away from size. People get obsessed with numbers. The important thing for me is how much of an impact does it make on the people who come and the people who play? We want people to walk away feeling elated.”

Emphasis will now be on doing the small things well, starting with DimSŵn on October 18. 






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