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Multicultural comedy comes to Cardiff

Original stand-up tour aims to break cultural barriers

Shah Jalal Mosque in Cathays: Cardiff has been chosen to host the comedy tour for its cultural diversity

Race is not usually something to laugh about, but it takes centre stage in an original new comedy production coming to Cardiff Bay this month. 

The show, named Africa vs Asia, is the brainchild of events company We Are One and showcases the talent of up and coming, predominantly Muslim, comics.

The aim, says Sabreena Moore, event coordinator at We Are One, is to provide good entertainment and cultural cohesion.

“One thing that is universal and a common ground to all humans, regardless of race, is humour,” she says. “In sharing laughter we can see the similarities in our cultures.”

According to Sabreena, Cardiff was chosen to be part of the show’s national tour because of its cultural diversity. “Our boys were excited at the idea of coming down,” she adds.