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National Museum of Art opens new exhibition

Work of Joseph Beuys opens in the capital this Saturday

The Scala Napoletana was made only a few months before Beuys' death, and relates to communication with the beyond

The National Museum of Art is welcoming an exhibition that brings together a range of work in different media from artist Joseph Beuys, as part of the Artist Rooms collection.

On tour with the Art Fund for its fourth year, the Artist Rooms is a collection of contemporary art exploring leading artists of the twentieth century.

The exhibition will be installed in the museum’s newly opened galleries for modern and contemporary art and aims to bring attention to Beuys’ interest in the Celtic spirit, and its continuation in modern northern Europe. In particular, it explores the contribution Beuys’ made to the Wrexham Eisteddfod in 1977.

Nick Thornton, Head of Modern and Contemporary Art at the museum, will introduce the exhibition on November 4, which continues into the new-year.