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Performances to celebrate the human voice

Performers will showcase a collection of works from the past century in a celebration of voices at a pay-what-you-want event

A celebration of the human voice is being held after-hours in a Cardiff coffee shop.

The event aims to showcase works from the past century of different genres on a central theme: the voice.

The event is called Unaccompanied; each performance relies solely on the vocal cords of the performers. It is due to take place on 28 November in Little Man Coffee and is pay-what-you-want.

The organisers, NewCELF Events, hope that in a casual environment, the audience can feel free discuss each piece, ultimately taking away more from it than they would in a traditional setting.

Rich McReynolds, co-organiser, said: “We come from the music concert hall tradition which is very regimented. We like to take it out to different places where people can just come, have a drink; it’s just a lot more relaxed.”


Say goodbye to instruments — only voices will be used to perform (Credit: NewCELF Events)

Dan-Wyn Jones has written a piece in Welsh, while Rich is performing a newly commissioned Dada sound poem.

Rich says it’s the first time he will have performed something like this, and he’s giving it a go for the sake of his love of sound poetry.

He said: “To see them is one thing but to actually be involved with the organising and performing you get a completely different perspective on the art.”

Each event NewCelf puts on showcases work that the organisers are passionate about and want to share with others.

Rich said: “At the heart of it we just want to see the pieces. We’ve got some really talented friends who are doing some of the bigger pieces and I cannot wait to see how they approach them.”

While Rich and Dan-Wyn don’t want to “ruin the surprise” by sharing too much, the first page of each work that is being performed will be displayed in Little Man Coffee from 11 November to make the event as accessible as possible.