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Spanish poems set to music

Guitarist and singer Keith James has set Spanish poetry to music for his new concert series Duende, which he will be performing at the Norwegian Church on November 14.


James has used multiple translations in order to perform mostly in English

 Inspired by the words of Federico Garcia Lorca in particular, James has created songs and music that he says are far more dynamic and emotional than the style he is used to.

James believes that the poetry of lyrics is essential to the impact of a song; his goal for the project was, “To prove to myself and to audiences that having wonderfully crafted poetry as the centerpiece of a song is an all round exhilarating experience.” 

Though James has taken some liberties, repeating verses to turn them into a chorus, this should only add to what sounds like a unique way of experiencing poety.

Listen for yourself:

Keith James – Diamond, a poem by Federico Garcia Lorca


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