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Cardiff Foodbank releases its annual Reverse Advent Calendar

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Cardiff Foodbank has released its annual Reverse Advent Calendar to help those tackling the food crisis this Christmas

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The step-by-step Reverse Advent Calendar designed by Cardiff Foodbank accepts a variety of Christmas foods to provide to those in need

‘Tis the season of giving, and what better way to help this Christmas than by fighting food crisis alongside Cardiff Foodbank; who has fought hidden starvation in South Wales for 10 years now.

Having released its 2019 annual Reverse Advent Calendar on 17 October, the organisation hopes that the community of Cardiff and wider areas will join in and support the Foodbank. This will further help combat the rising number of poorer adults struggling with the food crisis.

Cardiff Foodbank is part of The Trussell Trust network and works alongside 428 Foodbanks across the UK to tackle food poverty in our communities.

Throughout the year, Cardiff Foodbank provides referred individuals with three-day emergency food parcels. Alongside this, they also provide signposting assistance for those in need of specific support needs; and educated advice by specialist workers. 

With a deadline of 9 December, Cardiff Foodbank aims to inspire individuals to donate food and finance that will then be used to create nutritionally balanced emergency parcels for the hungry in South Wales.

Financial donations will further help the 40,000 volunteers to store and distribute food safely to those in need, during a season that should be merry for all. 

The organisations’ administrator, Sara Redwood, said: “We hope that this is a festive way for individuals and groups to support Cardiff Foodbank and make a difference at Christmas to local people who find themselves in a food crisis.”

Reverse Advent Calendars amongst organizations has proven to be very successful across the UK. Also offering a heartfelt future tradition for families in Wales, as the 45% increase in emergency food parcel in the fortnight leading up to Christmas brings people together to give back to those in need.

Cardiff Foodbank asks for financial and food donations only, noting: “While we recognise that toiletries give people dignity, our main aim is to fight hidden hunger in our city.”

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