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Coffee with health benefits

The Paleo Grind is now open to the public

Add good fats to your coffee at The Paleo Grind

The Paleo Grind coffee shop, inspired by the caveman diet has opened its doors to cater for your caffeine needs. 

 Shop owner, James Hendy, blends coffee with basic but surprising ingredients. And sugar is strictly off the menu.

 Egg yolk, butter and cacao are three variations of the good fats added to the staple Americano. MCT oil, an extract from coconut oil, is also added as a fat burner to aid exercise.​

 James has studied the diet and describes how, “People do tend to feel better when they fuel themselves on fat rather than carbs.  

 “A great way to do this is by eating more of the right kinds of healthy fat like the kinds we serve here at the Paleo Grind and less of the refined sugary carbohydrates.”

 The Paleo Grind is open everyday and is situated in Reebok Crossfit Cardiff.