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Cookies & Kreme is City Road’s sweetest spot


Making milkshakes and trademark waffles behind the bar. Photo credits Emily Burt

Roath is the new hot spot for post-dinner treats, as dessert bar Cookies & Kreme bids to make City Road the sweetest place in Cardiff.

This snappy diner’s late hours, sundae selections and takeaway waffles have made it a hit with sweet-toothed locals, and the menu will soon be expanding into savoury snacks when the bar launches a range of classic American burgers.

“There are lots of dessert places in the bigger cities like London, or Manchester,” said owner of Cookies & Kreme Zoynul Hoque. “So why not here? This is the modern way of dining.”

For anyone seeking a swift sugar fix, the Get Baked Oreo and Marshmallow Kreme Shake is a guaranteed treat. We’ll take that pudding to go.


This dessert-themed diner has everything you need for a sugar fix. Photo Credits Emily Burt