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Food collections for local children

Titled as the Hungry for Justice Campaign, the Cardiff Ahlul Bayt Islamic Society (Absoc) has planned a food donation drive for poverty stricken children in Cardiff from 16 to 20 November.

Based on the latest statistics, these are an estimated 17,440 children (24 per cent of the total) who live in poverty, the highest in Wales.

Food donations

Absoc will pass on all donations to the Cardiff Foodbank

The Cardiff Ahlul Bayt Islamic Society is a religious society that is based all over the UK and is sponsoring the campaign for the second time.

Absoc has tied up with other faith based societies to collect non-perishable food items for local food banks (in this case Cardiff Foodbank), in addition to planning interfaith events to raise awareness about poverty in the UK.

Food Donations

Unlike the above picture, food donations can be made in yellow bins placed around the Cardiff University campus

Majid Hussain, an active volunteer and student at Cardiff University, said, “It is a good opportunity to do some good in the world, make a positive difference.”

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