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Young homeless going hungry

More young homeless people in Cardiff are relying on charities for food, according to local shelter Huggard.

Lee O’Shea, a day centre support worker explains that many young adults are becoming homeless due to widespread heroin abuse.

The shelter provides free soup and bread, and a “hearty” meal for £1.50.

soup kitchen 480

Volunteers ensure that homeless people are provided with a hot meal at Huggard’s homeless centre

Despite efforts by the Welsh Government, more donations are needed due to increased demand and a £150,000 budget cut.

Religious groups provide different dishes for the needy all-year-round.

The public also become more generous during the festive season.

O’Shea stresses: “We need volunteers every day, not just on Christmas Day.”

Allotment 480

Volunteers and homeless people at Huggard tend to the allotment where vegetables are grown to be used for cooking soup

Huggard has also invested in an allotment. Vegetables are grown to be used for soup and to teach the homeless life skills such as cooking.

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