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Free for All Festival releases 2015 lineup

Moon Club

A wealth of new bands will be playing the upcoming Free For All Festival, as the initial lineup was announced on the 4th of November.

150 bands will play free gigs and concerts during the month-long festival, which is being hosted at the Moon and the Moon Club. A sizeable list of artists was released on Facebook, revealing that artists featuring in the line up will include local girl Maddie Jones and Henry’s Funeral Shoe.

Moon Club

150 bands will play the 2015 festival

Jim Swindenbank from Roundhead productions said “We’ve been keen to work with Henry’s Funeral Shoe for a long time […] With those in place the others were a bit of a no-brainer to be honest – they nestle quite nicely into the ‘dirty blues’ genre so compliment what Henry’s do well.”

More festival listings are due for release towards the end of the year.  




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