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Voxpop: To vape or not to vape?

A landmark vote by the Welsh Assembly to restrict the use of  e-cigarettes in public spaces was defeated by just one vote in March 2016.


With 2.8 million people using vape pens in the UK alone there is an urgency for appropriate rules and regulations for the use of E cigarettes. A spokesperson from the pro smoking group Forest said that “Vapers are almost exclusively smokers who wish to cut down or quit or are looking for an alternative nicotine delivery system in places where smoking is banned.”

Vapers in power, political party which core value of the Party is to defend the freedom to speak about electronic cigarettes said that “Vapers in Power stands in Wales for the Freedom to Choose and the right of the public to have a say in where vaping should be permitted. Decisions made by faceless bureaucrats without public oversight should never be acceptable for an issue which affects so many lives”.

At the same time a lot of pubs including Mitchell & Butlers, JD Wetherspoon, Fuller´s and Wales´ own Brains have banned the use of E cigarettes in their establishments.

Mitchell and Butler´s social responsibility page on their website says that they ban the use of e-cigarettes out of consideration for other guests and to avoid the potential conflict arising from the distinction between these and real cigarettes.

We are seeing many establishments across Cardiff making their own rules about the use of e-cigarettes on their premises so we put it to the public to see what they thought about vaping in public spaces.