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1027 for 1, a Fair Deal or not?

Palestine and Israel, who is paying a higher price?

Which is more, 1027 or 1?


Sergeant Gilad Shalit, a 25-year-old Israeli soldier, who had been captive in Gaza Strip for 5 years, was released on 18 October. In the meantime, Israel will free 477 Palestinian prisoners in the first phase of swap and according to the deal made by Israel and Hamas, the total number will be 1027. The poll showed that 79% Israeli people favor this deal while 14% are against it. “The swap was great and historic in the history of Palestine since 1948,” said Doha Farhat, a woman from Lebanon, “but Israel refused to release some eminent prisoners like Marwan Barghouti and Ahmad Saadat.” It seems like it does not matter who paid a higher price. Shalit only hoped his release would lead to peace between the two countries.