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1 Degree Can Make a Difference

By turning down the heater by degree, we can reduce our carbon footprints!


The heating season for Cardiff University started in October. While we’re enjoying the warm atmosphere indoor, away from the chill weather, others are taking some serious consideration of energy saving.

“Turn my thermostat down by 1 degree (18°C is about right)” is one of the 11 actions suggested by the Welsh Government Climate Change Champions, to reduce our carbon footprint.

However, the heating regulations of Cardiff University did not state an upper temperature limit, “not exceeding 30°C, and the maximum temperature inside the campus buildings is 20°C.”

“It’s a little bit on the warm side. People tend to go overboard on the air conditioning,” said Corinne Dyer, a student from Music Department.

This is an option we all share, either sweat beside a heater or save energy.