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A Chinese take-away secures a niche

LongFang Kitchen, a Chinese restaurant, is about to welcome its third anniversary this winter.

Outside LongFang Kitchen, by Jean LIU

 Unlike other Chinese restaurants, this small Cardiff kitchen on the North Road is a takeaway store. Positioned near Talybont Court, South and North, the biggest accommodation area of Cardiff University, students count 90% of LongFang’s customers. 75% to 85% turnover and profits are from take-away and delivery foods.

Sitting amid a cluster of local businesses, LongFang is optimistic with competitions after striving for three years.  It has become a popular place among students. 

 “With large portions, the good position and exclusive dishes, we established our own customer base.” said Mrs. Long, the proprietress of LongFang Kitchen. “We have extended opening hours to midnight so that people can always find us whenever they felt hungry.’’