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A room with a view

Gregynog Hall

 Anxiety, mental and physical fatigue are all common signs of winter spleen.

Finding your remedy during long, cold and dark winter days is a hard task. Fortunately, we still have mid-Wales.

The idyllic setting of Gregynog will help you to "recharge your batteries"



Main Hall facade

 You might think that the three-hour journey might be too much to ask for a weekend stay. You couldn’t be more wrong. The beauty of Gregynog lies not only in its architecture but also in its surroundings. The Hall is well-known for its Victorian face, breath-taking gardens, and a great collection of period furniture.

If you prefer to stay outside, Gregynog offers countless walking paths around its gardens and nearby forests

 After your arrival, get a room with a view of the truly scenic landscape. Brew an aromatic cup of tea, slip into your comfy shoes, and sit comfortably in your arm chair…finally, rediscover your weekend remedy. 

Secret passages in the garden

During autumn the gardens flourish in warm colour palette

You won't belive that the winter is coming