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A strange memorial by the bay- VOXPOP

Is BBC series Torchwood an international, but made in Cardiff, craze? 

Since the end of Torchwood’s fourth season last September, the memorial wall by the bay seems to have earned a lot more teddybear and roses. The death of a certain character still haunts the fan-community.

“I think Ianto was a great character. He was really appreciated by the entire fan-community. Therefore I think that Russel T. Davies’ decision to kill him was both admirable and taunting.”, confesses Marie-Alice Zambaux, graphic designer and fan of the BBC’ series. 

Recently, the show was moved to the US, where it encountered a certain success. This new allocation doesn’t seem to affect the cardiffian-fans of the show.

 “Cardiff bay is the birthplace of Torchwood. And a famous shooting-area. Most of the BBC’series are shot here.”, so Miss Zambaux.