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A Tale of Two Cities for Businesses

Local businesses in Cathays welcome the return of students.

Salisbury Road in Cathays at one of its quieter moments

The influx of students heralding a new university term is a welcome boost for local businesses in student-rich Cathays.  But how do these businesses cope during Cathays’s summer “off-season”? 

One Cathays resident said, “Over the summer Cathays resembles a ghost town.  It’s surreal.”

Gareth, owner of Ramon’s New York Deli and Ramones café said that he uses the slow-down in custom as a time to stop service for a while, get the builders in and the repairs done.  Moreover, he said that his businesses are friendly with a number of locals who continue to come in over the summer months.

So students, as well as making Sunday morning strolls through Cathays a matter of Saturday night vomit-pool avoidance, really do mean business.