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All hands on decks

Fresh from playing his debut set at Glastonbury earlier this year, Nick Cotton, or DJ-F Block as the scene knows him, is Cardiff’s most wanted man behind the turntables.

The local lad’s ability to throw variety into his eclectic set has made him a household name on the city’s live music circuit.

“Well, I guess I’ve decided to make genre-swapping my thing, I grew up listening to a whole lotta stuff- from punk and grunge to electronic music,” Nick says, adding that genres can sometimes “crush creativity.”

Apart from spinning favourites to pay the bills, F-Block tries to break away from the run-of-the-mill concept when composing his own tunes, attempting to make his music more socially relevant.

“We’re living in a horrible climate where everything’s going wrong and we can’t just sit here and ignore it,” he says. “I want to write something with more Rage Against The Machine in it!”