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An industry connects over coffee

“The event will always be an open event for anyone with an interest in the digital industry,” says Lisa Fryer. Photo credited to Todd Stadler via Flickr.










For the first time in Wales 40 people from the digital industry connected over coffee last Friday morning, networking and sharing their ideas. 

The informal meetings will take place between 8am-9:30am.

Yard Digital hopes that setting up more of these events in the future will help promote Cardiff and Wales as a viably digital part of the country. “There is often too much of a bias towards other areas of the country (not least London), and we’re hoping that, ongoing, we can grow the digital reputation of Cardiff accordingly,” says Yard Digital Regional Coordinator Lisa Fryer. 

The event will initially be monthly at 33 Windsor Place, but is anticipated to be a weekly occurrence for people interested in the industry. The next networking event will take place on 11 January 2013.