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Pet hospital needs funds

this picture is from PDSA
this picture is from PDSA

this picture is from PDSA

The staff at the Cardiff PDSA PetAid Hospital are trying to raise £2mto build a state-of-the-art replacement.

“Our hospital is bursting at the seams with pets who need treating.” Said Angela Heeley, the Senior Veterinary Surgeon, “we are desperate for a new facility to meet the demand for our services.”

The PDSA relies solely on donations. However, for the hospital, the average cost of treating an animal is £150. The charity adds that this could be cut by a third with a new, modern and more efficient hospital.

The hospital treats animals from across South Wales and provides more than 54000 treatments every year.

Angela said, “We enjoy working here. But we really need to be more efficient since there are too many pets need help.”