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Bicycle paramedics cover city streets

Since a normal ambulance is not a novelty, you will be surprised when seeing cycling paramedics take to city streets.

Cycling lifesavers are going to provide medical services in busy areas of Cardiff. Photo credited to kenjonbro (flickr)

The Welsh Ambulance Service is collaborating with St John Wales to launch a First Responder Cyclist (FRC) scheme to save lives in Cardiff this Christmas.

Starting last week, the project has added scores of FRCs to the ambulance service, in order to cope with the influx of shoppers far afield during the next month.

Each of the cycling paramedics will be equipped with a specialized mountain bicycle, carrying the same essential life-saving kit as ordinary emergency ambulances.

Through the implementation of FRC scheme, patients can get access to medical care more quickly in pedestrianised areas where ambulances cannot reach.

“The basic purpose of the scheme is to improve efficiency of life-saving care in local communities,” said Tony Forde, one of the cycling paramedic crews.