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Brave men deserve an honour life

Little things make a big difference at Firing Line Museum

The 60th Anniversary of the Welch Regiment’s troops completing their tour of duty in Korea

When most people honour fallen men with a poppy on Remembrance Day, Firing Line Museum shows respect by holding exhibitions and activities for public. And ‘you’ can help it going. 

The Museum of Welsh Soldier, known as Firing Line, plays an educational centre for all ages to study a history of Welsh soldiers from 300 years ago to the current one in Afghanistan. In the museum, you will find yourself walking into a hall of fame full of several window exhibitions, describing war history together with collections of soldier uniforms, pictures, weapons and medals. 

Ehsha Matthews, museum attendant, said, “Major funds are from QDG (The Queens Dragoon Guards) and The Welsh Regiment. A lot of supporters also come from education and they put it as donation.”