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Café + Comic book store=?

An Italian café serves not only coffee, but also sell comic books & novels

Superhero comic books in the café (photo by Wu Shen)

If you’re looking for a spot to spend a whole day or hang out with friends, Paravel will be a good choice. Greeted with the smell of coffee and homemade cake, you will find yourself being surrounded by Superhero comic books.

Paravel is a cozy place where people can grab a cup of coffee and feel free to browse all the old comic books without fearing it will arouse the fierce peering experience in those traditional comic book stores.

All books are part of the café owner Elio Lepore’s proud collection. “I always had comics ever since I was a little boy,” he says.

 Novels on sale (photo by Wu Shen)

 They also sell novels and hold an Italian conversation group every week.

As Elio said, “We stay open as long as the customers are here.”