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Cardiff Argos store will survive

Cardiff Argos store will not be closed or relocated, according to a local Argos manager.

13 Argos stores were opened and 16 Argos stores were closed during 2012, shot by Jean Liu

It’s understood that Argos stores are facing an uncertain future after being announced that at least 75 of Argos’ 700 shops would be closed or relocated over the next five years.

In order to achieve a better market performance and a higher profit, it’s obvious that Argos will concentrate more on Internet marketing instead of its catalogue-led business model.

“They close these stores to open new ones,” said Sian, a customer service manager of Argos Store in Cardiff Queens Arcade, “this will not affect Cardiff stores. They are focusing more on the Internet, but they still need the stores. There’s no doubt that we will be here at least till 2019.”