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Cardiff Character: Angie Kirby

Welsh girl learnt languages at University but adoration for music made her a Multilingual Singer

Beautiful eyes and melodious voice

Enticing smile, mesmerising eyes and a fascinating voice of the Welsh girl, Angie Kirby makes her stand apart from the rest of the world. The beautiful lady is the lead singer and guitarist of the band, ‘Miss Maud’s Folly’.


Adoration for her band

Miss Maud’s Folly was formed by Angie in 2005. However, the band completed when Sion Trefor, the pianist and Eloise Gynn, the cellist come flautist joined it. Angie’s admiration for her band was evidently clear when she said, “I really love playing with them! They’re like my family.” She went on to tell how they work as a single unit. An excited Angie continued, “Everyone works on their respective instruments but we do some songs from the scratch together.  I really love working as a group, it feels so organic.”

Singing makes her smile


Way to singing

The multi talented Welsh lady was born and brought up in Cardiff where she studied languages at a professional level. But somehow her entertaining voice and passion for music made her a professional singer. She can sing fluently in more than one language, namely, French, English and Spanish. Even before she finished her education, she had developed her affection with singing and music into a band and justified her priorities of life through her actions.

Interest in music was obvious for her as she was born in a family where everyone had an association with it. She narrated, “When I was a child, music was around me. My gran used to sing and play piano, my step-dad played the guitar; we kids used to bash tambourines and try to sing along in our warble voices.”

Lost in the imaginary!

However, she claims that her taste in singing developed independently.  She recalled the days when she was being hypnotised by jazz singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone and she tried to emulate low rich tones of their voices which made her travel into a different world. She added, “I love evocative music that transports me into a different world. I always like to indulge in the imaginary.”

Memories in Barcelona

She cherishes her time when she was in Barcelona where she got deeply associated with music and amazing singers seized her in the magical land of music. She used to busk on street corners, in the metro stations or in the park just to find incredible singers. She got carried off with her memories and said, “I loved going out for a walk to see what new music I could find; Moroccan, Arabic but Flamenco was always my favourite.”

Passion for music   

Her body movements while singing portrays her devotion and in depth association with music. She has a rhythm in her body which enthrals the audience. Graceful woman has a long list of fans. She was really touched when one of her fan wrote an amazing poem in praise of her singing.

Her passion for singing is evergreen; Miss Maud’s Folly will release her new album next month. She aims to continue gigging and recording. She jokingly remarks, “This year we will do the festival circuit, go on tours, conquer the world! Seriously though, whatever happens I’ll just be happy to record the songs we’ve been working so hard on.”