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Cardiff Character: David Dawkins

 The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose. By spreading happiness to other people, David Dawkins receives his own in the everyday job as a receptionist.

11 years of working as a receptionist, David Dawkins keeps his enthusiasm every day, and this job seems to be made for him. He smiles to everyone passes by the table, no matter whether he knows he or not.

Actually, David did not want to take this job in the first place. The morning receptionist Jen, who knows him well, rang him and said this job was made for him. “I would thank her for seeing me through. Now I enjoy this job very much, really, really enjoy it. I just love meeting people, and they even pay me to do this. That is why I happy. And also, my working time is flexible.” David said and then asked a professor passed by helping him with his crossword puzzle.

David remembered that one day another professor introduced him to a high court judge that he is the head of Law School, but the real one stand just not too far away from them, which made him so embarrassed.

Big smile and big heart

David will greet everyone that came into the Law Building with a big smile. “It’s just smiling to people, just helping people; you’ll never turn anybody away, which is why I like doing the job.

“Like that young lady just passed by, and she smiled to me, and it might be her first smile of the day. I don’t know her name but I will smile to her.”

David seems to know everything happened in the Law Building, such as the room number of every teacher and whether he is in. So when students came to ask, he could give them the right information immediately. “It’s that to keep the school running, to know where people are and know what jobs people do. At the moment I’m waiting for a call from BBC, they want to borrow one of our rooms for a tele-program, so I have know who to get that information, who to see if the room is empty, and then tell BBC when they phone back.

“It’s necessary to know what’s going on. If something big happened on the news outside, you will tell people that news. Like the accident happened on the Motorway will affect people’s journey home. And you can say ’Be careful’ to them. It’s what keeps you going, instead of just sit in here. That makes every day different.”

The award has changed his life.

 Give and return

David was awarded as “the most uplifting member of staff” in the Enriching Student Life Award 2011 held by Cardiff University. “It was a wonderful day in my life, and I was very pleased to receive this.” When talking about the award he gained in May, David excitedly showed a video of him being interviewed in the ceremony.

“[After that] students phoned in and ask ‘is that the most uplifting member of stuff’, and I will say ‘of course it is’. And it encourages me to put on a bigger smile.

“I will be 65 next year, and probably will be here just for another two years, and I remembered a student has said to me, ‘you will be here to see me graduate.’”