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Cardiff Character: Sam Jones

 This is a story of an ordinary guy from Newport with extraordinary passions

Sam Jones, at the beginning of Rock&Roll Film Festival

It would be truly impossible to sum up Sam Jones in one sentence. However if you would insist on doing so, you would come up with a description similar to this one: Sam Jones is a mildly manic person with dangerous implications toward horror movies and strong coffee. After last week’s free Rock n Roll Movie Fest (check out our review) organized by Sam at Milgi, and his itch for another fest in December, we have decided to name him this month’s Cardiff Character.

“I will tell you about terrifying effects of eight cups of coffee per day on me.”

“I am a 37-year-old, Newport guy who likes to be eccentric. I ran from Newport almost 5 years ago with my current partner Dominique. We left all worldly goods behind us only to come here,” said Sam.

Sam is definitely waste-no-time guy. He wants to set up a PR agency with his friend which will connect more with movie maniacs and which won’t tell lies like most PR agencies do. When you ask him what has pulled him to the cinematic world, Sam will bluntly point out his granddad as the one who planted the love seeds by making him watch Sinbad and Jason and Argonauts.

 “I’m a feminist. I was raised by women. Women are cool.”

“I love women thus I don’t like Twilight because it’s a moron track where a girl has to deal with a mourning vampire who will say, love me or I’ll rip your throat. Buffy was a true hero. Boy or girl, she would kick her/his ass. Buffy was great because she was a girl who didn’t take any nonsense from men and sorted things out for herself,” admitted Sam. 

Sam’s mum was a teacher in primary school; his nan was a no-nonsense woman. He recalls that men in his house used to be rather passive thus he didn’t have a macho upbringing.

“PR is nobody dream career because it is based on promoting someone else’s creativity by using your own one. Yet it is still better than glass blowing or retail hell.”

“I was a taxi controller before. We had a game with my friend Dave because we were so bored. You know when someone is having a conversation when a phone rings and you’re on the other end of phone and you can hear like a half of a sentence the other person is saying? Well, the idea was to freak out the customer by saying “… and his head was completely severed”, or just something rude,” recalled Sam.

He didn’t keep that job very long. Sam also worked in a nursing home. He admits that’s why he has a fairly blazing attitude to death and why he is desensitised to films. After that job, Sam started doing festivals.

“I got into PR in quite unusual way. I did it in The Arctic Monkeys’ style.”

Sam fell into it because he got in contact with PR agencies to get free DVDs of them. At some point, the PR agencies started asking him if he could do MySpaces for some new releases. Then it was only a question of time, before the PR agencies offered him a full-time position.

“Be cynical, be happy!”

Sam told us that many things make him happy. Flash wipes make him happy because, as he said, “they clean whole surface at one go (smile).” He added that the biggest lesson he has learnt in his life is that the younger you can stop caring about what anyone thinks about you, the happier you’ll be. “Happy people are beautiful people.  Be cynical; be happy, that’s my motto!” explained Sam.


While enjoying morning coffee with our Cardiff Character, we also admired his colourful accessories