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Cardiff Character: Thorun’s Keeran Williams

Welsh stoner-rock quartet Thorun are making waves in Cardiff’s alternative music scene

Thorun: the power of the riff compels them

 If in some parallel existence, Edgar Allen Poe were still alive and looking for the soundtrack to his macabre poetry, he’d be surprised at what he’d find in the South Wales’ stoner/doom metal underground. The latest release from Cardiff’s four-piece instrumental outfit Thorun, for one, would suit his dark lyrical verse to the T.

For a band that have been around for  a little over a year, Thorun have figured out their sound pretty quick. Fresh from releasing their second EP “Chorus of Giants,” the local band are excited about gigging heavily in its support.

” I think it takes some time for people to start taking a new band seriously and it [the EP] was a step in the right direction,” says Keeran Williams, the band’s guitarist. “Thorun has been pretty fast moving from the start.”

 The band members found each other on an online forum and came together on a shared love for stoner-rock and heavy jams.

“It all came together really quickly after that,” says Keeran, who grew up on his musician father’s Black Sabbath records and picked up the guitar at 13 (when he “found that he was a rubbish drummer”).

Thorun wear their musical influences on their sleeves–it’s quite evident from their compositions that these guys have been taken a massive page out of the Kyuss and Weedeater  playbook.

The band featured at the recent LoserPaloozer half-day concert at Cardiff’s Buffalo Bar and  say it was a gig they won’t forget in a hurry.

“We played with five other local bands who have been a part of the underground music scene,” Keeran recalls. “The sound was great, we were among friends and every band had their amps turned up to eleven!”

Not an easy scene to crack

However, finding a place in Cardiff’s alternative music scene hasn’t been simple for Thorun.

“The Cardiff music scene has always been a bit of a strange animal,” Keeran says, mentioning that underground bands have been chipping away at the toilet scene for years,  playing  to tiny crowds.

However, the 29-year-old guitarist adds optimistically that it has got better now, with more people paying attention to the underground scene.

It also isn’t easy to make a living as a full-time musician and the band members work day jobs to pay the bills and keep the band going as well.

“It’s next to impossible to earn enough cash to sustain yourself unless you play music that can be sold to teenagers and played on MTV,” Keeran, who juggles between laying down guitar riffs and working for a charity organisation, says.

“Since we don’t really have a mainstream radio-friendly sound,  that means we’ll continue to play our guitars and be poor unless the world changes and everyone starts downloading doom metal onto their IPhones,” he adds, wryly.

For now though, Thorun intend to crank up their amps, demolish venues with their heavy jams and make the best opportunity of  every gig they play.

(Catch them at the Black Friday Metal Carnival at Bogiez Rock bar on December 23)