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Cardiff goes Beyond the Border

Abbi Patrix and Linda Edjsö play the marimba together as they tell the story. Permission from David Ambrose.

Pas de Deux explores the differences between men and women in a series of stories grounded in traditional folk tales and world myth.

Storyteller and percussionist Abbi Patrix performs alongside composer Linda Edjsö in a piece written with literary critic for The Times Eric Wagner. The stories include those from northern Europe and Africa, and are accompanied by traditional instruments such as the African marimba.

The show runs in connection with the international storytelling Beyond the Border festival. Director and co-founder of Beyond the Border, David Ambrose, describes storytelling as a wonderful, but almost forgotten art form; due to its element of improvisation, no two stories are told the same. 

Ambrose says, “We invite the World to Wales and present Wales to the World.”